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Liberty National Life Insurance, a Globe Life company, has been in business since 1900 offering affordable life and supplemental health insurance. As an agent on our team, you will offer individual attention to our policyholders while making a difference in their lives.

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We're a trusted insurance company that offers great career opportunities.

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Who we are

Liberty National offers a highly competitive compensation plan, bonuses, incentives, and residual income. Our insurance sales representatives help change our customer's lives and make the local communities where we serve a better place. We're just a great place to work!


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What makes an insurance sales career so great? What's in it for me? Insurance sales is definitely the best thing ever. And the proof is when you see insurance sales professionals driving nice cars, living in nice homes or wearing nice clothes. They get paid for their hard work. But that's not the best part. We believe in the support our sales representatives give to hardworking, middle-class Americans while helping protect their families and their financial interests. With Liberty National Division, you can have a truly rewarding career.

Not only will you help people financially when they are most in need, but you'll also earn some amazingly awesome money in the process.

This career is not for everyone though. It takes hard work and dedication. You have to persevering, ambitious and a hard worker who understands that this is a professional, state-license-required career.


Your compensation will depend on your performance and level of position: Agent, Supervising Agent, Agency Director, or Agency Owner. We offer bonuses, incentive trips to exotic destinations, and residual income. Our sales representatives enjoy unlimited earning potential as well as the ability to make a difference in the lives of their customers by offering affordable Liberty National products.

Insurance sales is a professional career. Not a trade and not an hourly job.

Most professional careers require licensure and continuing education. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and real estate agents typically pay for their licensure and/or continuing education.

If you receive an offer to represent the products of our Company, it is required by law, that you complete your state's licensure training and certification process. Liberty National does not pay for your state's licensure training or certification process. However, this as a personal investment into your long-term professional career. When you become a state-licensed insurance representative, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will have a contract with our Company to sell our product portfolio, but you are not an employee of our Company.

Agents are paid monthly from policy renewals as of the policy’s second year. Without this residual income, a sales person is only as good as his or her last sale. For individuals in fields such as real estate or car sales, they increase their income, by increasing the number of units they sell. At the beginning of each week, month, or year, they need to start over and what they've sold in the past doesn't matter. They're only paid for the sales they do in the present, but not in the past. With insurance sales is different, our Agents continue to make money from sales they made years and even decades ago.

No. We offer training and sales tools that set you up for success even without experience. We need as part of our team people that are driven, ambitious and hardworking. Your degree type or previous experience doesn't matter, but your desire to achieve does.

As one of our agents, you will offer life and supplemental health insurance through in-home and workplace sales. The portfolio of products includes:

Life Insurance:

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life

Supplemental Health & Accident Insurance:

  • Cancer
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital Intensive Care
  • Hospital Accident
  • Accident

Our Liberty National products help our policyholders with:

  • Final expenses
  • Supplemental health and accident expenses
  • Mortgage payments
  • Income replacement for spouse and children
  • Children's educational expenses
  • Emergencies and opportunities
  • Special business needs
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • Payroll deduction plans

Now you have. Our company has been around since 1900. Our parent company, Globe Life Inc., is the Official Life Insurance of the Dallas Cowboys and the Official Life Insurance of the Texas Rangers.

  • Business professional! Suit and tie for men and suit for ladies. Check out our Pinterest page for some great business fashion insights.
  • Provide at least two printed copies of your resume.
  • Plan to arrive 20 minutes prior to the interview.
  • Bring your great attitude.
  • Be prepared to ask questions about the job position and to answer questions about your previous experience.

Meet our People

Vickie recounts her journey to Liberty National and the skillset that leads to success. She is an Agency Owner who has been with Liberty National since 2007. She previously worked in the fast food and retail industries.

Brian C., an Agency Owner who joined Liberty National in 1994 says that the boundless opportunities are what keep him with the company. He highlights some of those opportunities along with three keys to success.

Todd L. started with Liberty National in 2002 and is now an Agency Owner. He shares his thoughts about how Liberty National’s stability and dependability make it a brand that families and business owners alike can trust.

Cedric H., an Agency Owner, started with Liberty National in 1997. He expounds on going from employment with limited advancement to having various opportunities for advancement and growth with Liberty. He also describes the three traits he feels are needed to succeed at Liberty.

Clint M., an Agency Owner, has been with Liberty National since 2002. With a legacy of two generations having worked and retired from the company, Clint can recall first-hand the impact this career had on his family and their lifestyle. Now Clint is carrying the torch for the next generation.

Larry M., an Agency Owner who has been with Liberty National since 2009, discusses the fundamental values and opportunities that thrive when working for a company that has existed since 1900.

Mark W., with Liberty National since 2000 and now an Agency Owner, breaks down the path from being a part-time student working long hours at a dead-end job to now being able to give his family the opportunities he never had. Watch as Mark highlights what he feels are the three characteristics needed to succeed.

Michele S., a Co-Agency Owner who has been with Liberty National since 1994, never imagined herself as an insurance agent. However, now she can’t imagine doing anything else. Details what her dreams were for her first year with the company, and how far she exceeded those expectations. She also shares the basis behind loving what she does.